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Fav Nail Design So Far

27 May

This is my fav nail design so far. I did a tutorial on them that you can find on my youtube page. Just sad to see it go. I’ll be doing a graduation inspired tutorial next for my graduation so it has to go. But I’ll probably do it again when I can. To see this tutorial click the following link you can also check my website for more nail designs. .


One of My Dreams

27 May

I’m going to share one of my dreams with you all, whom ever you may be. One big dream that I wish to come true is for me to become a print model. Its been something I’ve been trying to attain for the past 3 years. I’ve received a lot of praise for the way I am behind the camera. As if its second nature to me, which I have to agree that it is. However , these are still trying times where not everyone gets their dreams met. Of course I am trying my hardest, but there is only so much one can do on their own. Believe me, I have run into my share of people who wish to “help me ” but these promises have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe me writing this is a way to push my wishes out into the universe to help me out. I hope it works!! What I really need is  a great manager, someone who can help me book shoots and events. That would be a great thing, what would be even better is if an agency would see my pictures and like what they see. Until then I’ll just keep dreaming and pushing on.

My Website

26 May

Hey all, I am so excited that I have finally finished my website. It is . It has my nail designs, my make up looks that I’ve done on some people, my tutorial videos, and my model portfolio. So don’t be shy and go over and check it out !!! (This is a screen shot of my site!!)

Now Trying: Dove Cleartone

26 May

So,  as I watched t.v. one afternoon I saw the commercial for this Dove Cleartone product. I must admit I was intrigued. Could a product actually help lighten my underarms.? So I waltzed , yes I said waltzed (ha ha ) to my nearest Rite Aid and bought one to try. Ive been using it for about 2 weeks now and I do see minimal changes. At first, the deodorant irritated my underarms a bit. But this did not last, I think this was due to the formula that’s suppose to accelerate natural skin renewal. I will be making a youtube video on my channel after about a month of use to show you all if there was an actual change. Until then you can check my channel out:  . You can also check out my new website at

Magnetic Manicure

25 May

This is a cool product from a company called Nails INC. It’s apart of the new trend called the Magnetic Manicure. To achieve this look apply the polish to your whole nail. Then take the  cap of the nail polish bottle. The top of cap has a magnet in it. Take the cap and hover it over the nail. The iron powder that is in the formula of the polish gravitate toward the magnet forming the design. Try this out for an interesting new look. Enjoy!!

Ombre Nails

25 May

Here is my version of the ombre nail trend. Ombre is the idea of moving from one shade and gradually progressing to another. In this case, I moved from black to a deep green. In order to achieve this look, you start with the 1st shade for me it was the green. Fully coat your nails in this shade. then while it is still wet, take your 2nd color (my black) and start to paint from the cuticle.  Fill in about a third of the nail. When this is done do not take more polish. Simple take the same polish brush and glide it over the black and extend it half way and stop. Once this is complete, take a clear polish and pass it over the entire nail. This will help to drag some more of the color to the rest of the nail. But leave the tips the green shade. Try it out and Enjoy!!

E.L.F. Lashes

25 May

Here’s my secret on lashes. Whenever I want to glam up my makeup look and add some lashes I go for my Dramatic lash kit from Eyes Lips Face (a.k.a. E.L.F). These are my go to lashes. And guess what, they are only $1 each. You can’t beat that price and the lashes are durable and last for multiple uses. Here’s a tip in order to reuse lashes. All you have to do is pull of the glue that is left on the eyelash band from the previous use. You can find these at It is also a great site if you are just starting up in make-up and are on a tight budget.

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