Jessica is a lover of all things beauty and fashion. She started her journey as someone just curious about make up. This curiosity turned into a passion, which allowed her to learn and become a self taught make-up artist. She enjoys helping women use make up as a tool. Not to mask oneself, but to help bring out that extra spark that you possess. She sees each face as a blank canvas ready to be brought to light.

Jessica also enjoys the art of nail design. It is an outlet in which people can express themselves on what can be said to be their smallest canvas. It is a way to show one’s individuality and speaks volumes without you saying a word.  She enjoys teaching others how to be more creative at home while saving them some money in the bank.

Jessica is also a  fashionista and model. She enjoys being in front of the camera. Clothes are just another way to express yourself and what better way to do so then a chic outfit and some killer pumps. Her modeling is on a steady rise and she wishes to work with many more companies in the future.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Check out her site and allow her to teach you a thing or two about what she knows!


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