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Braided- Bun Hair Tutorial

5 Sep

Make up Look Inspired by Erica From the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion / My New Ombre Hair

31 Aug


11 Jul

Felt like wearing my hair completely out in all of its puffy glory and curls completely combed out.

Beauty shot of Myself

8 Jul

Hair Do’s and Dont’s

25 May

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for hair care. Do: use a brush everyday. This allows the loose scales to be removed and stimulated your scalp. Don’t use a brush on wet hair, instead use a wide-toothed comb which won’t break hair. Start at the bottom in small sections and work your way towards the roots. Do: let your hair air dry as much as you can. This will avoid some unnecessary heat damage. Don’t: use heat without applying a heat protectant to you hair first. The ones i recommend are carried by Nexxus and Tresemme. These come in a spray bottle form. Just spray all over hair and comb through, then you can begin heat styling to your hearts content.

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