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Cute in Mint

24 Aug

Here is a super cute outfit my friend wore to a recent BBQ. Clothes are from American Apparel. Super simple pieces coming together to make a really nice outfit.


Outfit of the day #2

11 Jul


Here’s my new fav peplum shirt from forever 21. Paired with some pretty pink jeans from H&M. Adorned with a pink pearl and bowtie jeweled necklace.

What Do You Think?

7 Jun

So I’ve come across this recent trend of the half and half. I’m talking about bottoms that are half shorts and half long skirts. I have to admit I am not a fan. Someone recently wore this trend to my recent graduation and I must say in person it appears like you were confused. Like the shorts side if by accident and that its missing material is just tucked under itself and the person wearing it simple forgot to pull it out. This will be something I will surely stay away from. What do you think? Sound off below!

OOTD #1 – Graduation

3 Jun

Here’s m fabulous dress that I wore for my graduation. I found it at a great boutique that sells lovely clothing. The shoes were equally fab, and was purchased at www.charlotterusse.com cute and very affordable.

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