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A Great Masque is a Must

15 Jun

This is what your skin has been missing, a great masque. Masques are a must have in everyone’s skin care regimen. It can really do wonders for your skin. The one I use in particular is this Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque. It dries out pimple, clears and shrinks your pores, and leaves skin clear and clean. Your skin will be softer then ever. Just apply this masque to a wet face. Evenly cover with a nice even layer. Wait for 15 minutes or until the solution turns from green to white and wash off with a wash cloth. I try to do this at least once every two weeks. I just finished doing my masque and I must say, my face feels sooooo clean. This product is also wallet safe, and inexpensive. It costs about $4.00. The price can me lower at different places.


Behind the scenes!

9 Jun


Did a great shoot yesterday for my website. It was such a long day but I came out with some great pictures. Here are a few people that were involved. The thanks goes out to them for their help. Stay tuned for some of those images.

How to Store Your Make up Brushes

7 Jun
  • Keep your used brushes away from the new ones.
  • Sort out your brushes by size and function.
  • You can store them in a roll bag or plastic or glass jar.
  • Keep your makeup brushes away from direct sunlight and heat as it may ruin them.
  • Store your brushes in clean protected area.
  • Separate the brushes that are used for liquid makeup from those that are used for powder makeup.
  • Sometimes the beauty shops give away makeup bags or containers for free with the beauty products purchase. Save your money by getting one of those and using it to organize your makeup brushes.
  • The kind of storage container that I use is actually a shower caddy from target, that I removed the suction pieces that would have been used to stick it to a wall. (picture is above )

What Do You Think?

7 Jun

So I’ve come across this recent trend of the half and half. I’m talking about bottoms that are half shorts and half long skirts. I have to admit I am not a fan. Someone recently wore this trend to my recent graduation and I must say in person it appears like you were confused. Like the shorts side if by accident and that its missing material is just tucked under itself and the person wearing it simple forgot to pull it out. This will be something I will surely stay away from. What do you think? Sound off below!

OOTD #1 – Graduation

3 Jun

Here’s m fabulous dress that I wore for my graduation. I found it at a great boutique that sells lovely clothing. The shoes were equally fab, and was purchased at www.charlotterusse.com cute and very affordable.

6 Tips To Help Your Nails

3 Jun

1)    Cuticle Oil should be used everyday and not only after a manicure. You should also use cuticle oil after washing your hands, this helps to avoid dryness. ( cuticle oil also helps with the drying process of nail polish)

2)    A top coat is not just to be used the day of a new manicure, it should be applied daily to prolong the life of the manicure. If this is a bit much for you try doing this every 3rd day of your manicure. You can also run the top coat ( and nail color) along the edge of the nail  and under the nail the nail tip. (I swear by this. I causes an extra barrier and allows for the edges to chip before the polish that is actually on the surface of your nails. Hence a longer lasting manicure.)

3)  Fast drying nail polishes may seem like a good idea, however because they dry faster they also peel more easily. So I stick with the regular drying polishes and tend to do my nails when i have time to allow a good amount of drying time.

4)    High summer temperatures can cause nail polish to separate and change color. This can also happen when nail polish is stored in hotter places all year round. You must roll the bottle in between your hands to mix the color together as well as storing the polishes in cool places

5) NEVER shake polish bottles, this causes bubbles which will stay if you apply the polish on your nails. Always roll the polish bottle between your hands. It mixes the polishes and keeps the bubbles away.

6)Refrigerating nail polishes is not only good to prevent nail color from  separating and maintaining its color in the summer months, but it is also good to increase the shelf life of your polishes.

One of My Dreams

27 May

I’m going to share one of my dreams with you all, whom ever you may be. One big dream that I wish to come true is for me to become a print model. Its been something I’ve been trying to attain for the past 3 years. I’ve received a lot of praise for the way I am behind the camera. As if its second nature to me, which I have to agree that it is. However , these are still trying times where not everyone gets their dreams met. Of course I am trying my hardest, but there is only so much one can do on their own. Believe me, I have run into my share of people who wish to “help me ” but these promises have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe me writing this is a way to push my wishes out into the universe to help me out. I hope it works!! What I really need is  a great manager, someone who can help me book shoots and events. That would be a great thing, what would be even better is if an agency would see my pictures and like what they see. Until then I’ll just keep dreaming and pushing on.

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