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Beauty shot of Myself

8 Jul


Rainbow Spring Eyes

30 Jun

Another shot from my recent photoshoot, makeup done by me!

How to Store Your Make up Brushes

7 Jun
  • Keep your used brushes away from the new ones.
  • Sort out your brushes by size and function.
  • You can store them in a roll bag or plastic or glass jar.
  • Keep your makeup brushes away from direct sunlight and heat as it may ruin them.
  • Store your brushes in clean protected area.
  • Separate the brushes that are used for liquid makeup from those that are used for powder makeup.
  • Sometimes the beauty shops give away makeup bags or containers for free with the beauty products purchase. Save your money by getting one of those and using it to organize your makeup brushes.
  • The kind of storage container that I use is actually a shower caddy from target, that I removed the suction pieces that would have been used to stick it to a wall. (picture is above )

Baby Orajel

25 May

Here’s a cool trick of the trade! Use baby orajel teeth pain medicine on your eyebrows to dull the pain of plucking or threading your eyebrows.

Fuller Brows

24 May

Fuller eyebrows is the new thing. Personally I’ve always preferred it, hence why I don’t tweeze my eyebrows. For this past fall and as of lately, make-up artists are emphasizing these brows while the rest of the face stays more neutral. I encourage that all women grow out their eyebrows. Eyebrows that are too thin are not flattering, in my opinion. If you do choose to grow out your brows, you can use eyebrow pencils and powders to fill them in as they grow. I will make a later post to explain how to fill in your brows, until then happy growing!

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