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Sexy Eyes Makeup Tutorial

24 Oct

Tutorial for the Classic White with a Twist Nail Design

4 Sep

Make up Look Inspired by Erica From the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion / My New Ombre Hair

31 Aug

Back to Simple

8 Aug

I have done a brand new nail design every 2 weeks since the beginning of the year. Now it’s time for a break. Going back to something simple. A simple manicure is a great way to shake things up. Try a new bright color and it can change your mind about a simple mani. This green shade is from the Color Club polish brand. The mustard from NYX cosmetics. I also cut my nails down quite a bit. You can tell the difference from the last image and this one.

My Website

26 May

Hey all, I am so excited that I have finally finished my website. It is www.beautybymsjesse.com . It has my nail designs, my make up looks that I’ve done on some people, my tutorial videos, and my model portfolio. So don’t be shy and go over and check it out !!! (This is a screen shot of my site!!)

Baby Orajel

25 May

Here’s a cool trick of the trade! Use baby orajel teeth pain medicine on your eyebrows to dull the pain of plucking or threading your eyebrows.

Glitter Nails

24 May

Glitter nails may seem like something only children should do. But I beg to differ. There are certainly was in which to make glitter age appropriate. The first would be to choose a smaller sized glitter polish. One that is fine and less chunky. If your not as daring try this style as I have by placing it on one finger. I chose to place it on my pinky finger. Also choose a glitter that matches the shade of polish that you have on your other nails. The glitter polish I am wearing is from butter London 3 free nail lacquer in the shade called Rosy Lee paired with a pinkish purple vibrate polish. But if your daring go all out and apply to all nails and enjoy!

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