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Winged Eyeliner and Naked 2 Palette tutorial

24 Oct

Make up Look Inspired by Erica From the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion / My New Ombre Hair

31 Aug

Purple and Ombre Lips

9 Jun

Take the time and try out how to do an Ombre Lip

Tom Ford Lipstick

25 May

This is my favorite neutral lip color by Tom Ford in Deep Mink. When applied without a lip liner it gives me this nice soft brown. I top this off with my MAC cremesheen gloss in over-indulgence. Once you apply a brown lip liner the color deepens to give a nice milk chocolate look. This lipstick doesn’t dry out my lips and it has just the right amount of shine on its own. This lipstick will last me a while. I do recommend this lipstick if you are willing to shell out a bit more money. It’s cost is $48 and you can find it at http://www.neimanmarcus.com/.

Plum Lips

24 May

Plum lips is the new trend that I enjoyed last fall and will continue it throughout the summer. It is definitely a trend that I like. I’ve always played with the lighter version of this trend, which is a berry shade which i feel works well with my skin tone and is a better alternative to those who wish to try this trend but aren’t as ready to go the whole way. You can also try this in steps by either trying a light plum gloss, or by using your finger to take some plum lipstick and “stain” your lips for a less dramatic touch and build the color up to match your comfort level. My favorite plum/ violet lipstick is the Revlon in shade “violet frenzy 027″(image to the left) . If you want to try this out I would highly recommend this Revlon lipstick. It was made in such a way that it glides on smooth and allows you to control the intensity of the color. One pass of this lipstick gives you a subtle tint but as you continue to apply is when the coloring of the product deepens to its true plum form.  Give it a try! You’ll thank me later !

The Perfect Red Lips

24 May

The red lip is a great look for all woman. But in order for it to look its best we must follow some steps. First and for most always use a lip balm such as blistex/carmex/EOS. It allows for a better surface to apply lipstick to. Next always use a lip liner, this helps to prevent the lips from bleeding which is most common with red lipstick. after you line your lips, make sure to fill them in with the same lip liner. This helps to prolong the time that your lipstick will stay in place. Then apply your favorite red lipstick. Use a paper towel to blot some the excess off.(the way you do this is to fold the paper in half, open your mouth, bring the paper towel in between your lips, press down and release) Apply a second coat and top off with sheer lip gloss. For an extra step you can use concealer to outline your lips to make these lips of yours stand out.

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