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Sexy Eyes Makeup Tutorial

24 Oct

Semi- Cut Crease with MAC

24 Oct

Braided- Bun Hair Tutorial

5 Sep

Tutorial for the Classic White with a Twist Nail Design

4 Sep

Glow in the Dark Nails

24 Aug

Here’s a cool way to get some glow in the dark nails. If you have some glow sticks  around from an old party or whatever event it was you can turn it into something cool. Follow the following steps and you will have yourselves some new glow in the dark polish.

  1. Crack the glow stick in every place possible to help loosen the mixture inside of it.
  2. Cut the top and bottom of the glow stick with a pair of scissors maybe about a centimeter in length.
  3. Take a bottle of clear nail polish and empty the contents into that bottle, use an wood nail stick to help or a pen.
  4. Close the bottle of nail polish and shake the bottle to allow the polish and glow stick solution to mix thoroughly
  5. That’s it, enjoy your new polish!

Black and Nude Gown

9 Aug

I Love the silhouette of this gown. it is truly gorg. The way it hugs her body and accentuates her great features make me want to make a version of this dress appear in my closet. What about you?

White Dress Perfecton

9 Aug

I love this dress on Rihanna. It’s so classic and gorg (I think saying gorg is my new fav saying lol). I would love to have this in my collection. What do you think?

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