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Something for Me

25 Jan

I am getting ready to do something completely exciting for myself. I am about to become a certified makeup artist. I have been freelancing for the past 2 years or more. Makeup artistry is something that I can not escape. I am always researching new trends and figuring out what new products are out in cosmetics. I am always instructing friends on what looks good on them or even going as far as doing their makeup for them.

I truly enjoy it, so I made the decision  to gain some extra education on the matter. I do know a lot but as times are changing, extra education won’t hurt me. It can only help to better my craft and improve my already innate skills. The decision to pursue this as a career (notice I said career and not job) was a bit scary. It would mean that I would not have a lot of support as most people don’t see this as a glamorous job. However , I must not focus on that, I’m choosing to focus on my love for the craft and originality that comes with this career.

The class seems really cool and will cover everything from the history of makeup artistry up to advance makeup application. This is a move that should have been done a long time ago. But things happen at their own pace. Maybe at this point in my life I am truly ready for it and to go full steam ahead with what I want and what I love to do. The focus is on me and not on the thoughts of those around me. It would be nice if  I did have more support. Such is life, and I am grateful for those that do support me and see how great I am at being a makeup artist.


Beauty shot of Myself

8 Jul

One of My Dreams

27 May

I’m going to share one of my dreams with you all, whom ever you may be. One big dream that I wish to come true is for me to become a print model. Its been something I’ve been trying to attain for the past 3 years. I’ve received a lot of praise for the way I am behind the camera. As if its second nature to me, which I have to agree that it is. However , these are still trying times where not everyone gets their dreams met. Of course I am trying my hardest, but there is only so much one can do on their own. Believe me, I have run into my share of people who wish to “help me ” but these promises have fallen on deaf ears. Maybe me writing this is a way to push my wishes out into the universe to help me out. I hope it works!! What I really need is  a great manager, someone who can help me book shoots and events. That would be a great thing, what would be even better is if an agency would see my pictures and like what they see. Until then I’ll just keep dreaming and pushing on.

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