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New Jewelry

26 Jan

20130126-224613.jpg There are these new pieces of jewelry going around. It’s not just a ring and not just a bracelet, but a happy combination of both. These are so cute and adorable. Not to mention they add a bit of edge to any outfit. One part of it is slipped onto your finger as the other portion is made to clasp around your wrist. I found this one at Forever21. I have not seen this in many other stores but the trend is catching on. I hope to find these soon with jewels and more elaborate embellishments.


Accessory of the Day #1 (AOTD)

4 Jun


Here are the lovely accessories I chose to wear today. The big bold watch adds a great touch to my simple outfit of just a plain white tank top, jeans and a blazer. This was actually bought at one of my fav stores Charlotte russe. The ring has an irregular concave shape that adds some sparkly that any girly girl would love. That was bought at a local jewelry store for about $2. But it looks like it costs more then it did.

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