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Behind the scenes!

3 Dec

Behind the scenes of my zombie makeup!!


Sherbert Orange Makeup Tutuorial

8 Sep

Cute in Mint

24 Aug

Here is a super cute outfit my friend wore to a recent BBQ. Clothes are from American Apparel. Super simple pieces coming together to make a really nice outfit.

Different Kind of Heels

30 Jun

What do you all think of these?

Skeleton Shoes

30 Jun

Found these online, I’m kind of starting to like these. What do you think?

YSL- Say It Ain’t So

30 Jun

It’s true, the infamous YSL brand is changing their name. Its start will be the change of the name for its new ready to wear line to Saint Laurent Paris. As of now this change will only be to this line and the iconic YSL logo will stay on all cosmetics, hand bags and shoes. However in the future the brand may completely change to their new name. This change is in an effort to move back to the “sophistication” of the brand, and away from its current image. Other reasons for this change is the fact that so many people have their items, and the “bad” press it receives from reality shows. I guess they don’t like the fact that too many people can afford or wear their items. The underlining issues are a bit saddening. But we shall see where this goes.

(Side note: I have the palette above and it is simple gorgeous. )

Warning : Do not get the NutraNail Gel Perfect

15 Jun

WARNING: DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT  it gets a 0 out of 5 from me. I will make a full video review on it but it was so disappointing to me. This could be the worst product for at home gel manicures. To add insult to injury the removal of this product took too long, at least 20 minutes, the remover it comes with was just as bad at what it was suppose to do as the product. PURE WASTE OF MONEY.

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