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Behind the scenes!

3 Dec

Behind the scenes of my zombie makeup!!


Glow in the Dark Nails

24 Aug

Here’s a cool way to get some glow in the dark nails. If you have some glow sticks  around from an old party or whatever event it was you can turn it into something cool. Follow the following steps and you will have yourselves some new glow in the dark polish.

  1. Crack the glow stick in every place possible to help loosen the mixture inside of it.
  2. Cut the top and bottom of the glow stick with a pair of scissors maybe about a centimeter in length.
  3. Take a bottle of clear nail polish and empty the contents into that bottle, use an wood nail stick to help or a pen.
  4. Close the bottle of nail polish and shake the bottle to allow the polish and glow stick solution to mix thoroughly
  5. That’s it, enjoy your new polish!

Back to Simple

8 Aug

I have done a brand new nail design every 2 weeks since the beginning of the year. Now it’s time for a break. Going back to something simple. A simple manicure is a great way to shake things up. Try a new bright color and it can change your mind about a simple mani. This green shade is from the Color Club polish brand. The mustard from NYX cosmetics. I also cut my nails down quite a bit. You can tell the difference from the last image and this one.

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30 Jun


Rainbow Spring Eyes

30 Jun

Another shot from my recent photoshoot, makeup done by me!

Purple and Ombre Lips

9 Jun

Take the time and try out how to do an Ombre Lip

How to Store Your Make up Brushes

7 Jun
  • Keep your used brushes away from the new ones.
  • Sort out your brushes by size and function.
  • You can store them in a roll bag or plastic or glass jar.
  • Keep your makeup brushes away from direct sunlight and heat as it may ruin them.
  • Store your brushes in clean protected area.
  • Separate the brushes that are used for liquid makeup from those that are used for powder makeup.
  • Sometimes the beauty shops give away makeup bags or containers for free with the beauty products purchase. Save your money by getting one of those and using it to organize your makeup brushes.
  • The kind of storage container that I use is actually a shower caddy from target, that I removed the suction pieces that would have been used to stick it to a wall. (picture is above )
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