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New Jewelry

26 Jan

20130126-224613.jpg There are these new pieces of jewelry going around. It’s not just a ring and not just a bracelet, but a happy combination of both. These are so cute and adorable. Not to mention they add a bit of edge to any outfit. One part of it is slipped onto your finger as the other portion is made to clasp around your wrist. I found this one at Forever21. I have not seen this in many other stores but the trend is catching on. I hope to find these soon with jewels and more elaborate embellishments.


Emerald Greens coming our way!!!

26 Jan

imgres Emerald is here and is covering the fashion world. If you’ve observed many of the runway shows or fashion magazine, you’ll notice that this lovely jewel tone shade has made a strong appearance. It can be found anywhere from jewelry to clothing to shoes. It’s vibrancy is especially lovely when it’s expressed in jewelry like a simple emerald colored stud or statement ring. I for one just picked up a fabulous emerald green blouse from Zara. Now I must add that just because this is the trend for the new season does not mean that you must overwhelm your closet with everything green. Pick a few pieces and mix them with your current wardrobe. Maybe get a statement necklace in this hue, a beautiful pump and a nice blouse and your well one your way to embarrassing this years fashion.

Mint Green Nails and Cheetah Print Nail Tutorial

24 Aug

What Do You Think?

7 Jun

So I’ve come across this recent trend of the half and half. I’m talking about bottoms that are half shorts and half long skirts. I have to admit I am not a fan. Someone recently wore this trend to my recent graduation and I must say in person it appears like you were confused. Like the shorts side if by accident and that its missing material is just tucked under itself and the person wearing it simple forgot to pull it out. This will be something I will surely stay away from. What do you think? Sound off below!

Ombre Nails

25 May

Here is my version of the ombre nail trend. Ombre is the idea of moving from one shade and gradually progressing to another. In this case, I moved from black to a deep green. In order to achieve this look, you start with the 1st shade for me it was the green. Fully coat your nails in this shade. then while it is still wet, take your 2nd color (my black) and start to paint from the cuticle.  Fill in about a third of the nail. When this is done do not take more polish. Simple take the same polish brush and glide it over the black and extend it half way and stop. Once this is complete, take a clear polish and pass it over the entire nail. This will help to drag some more of the color to the rest of the nail. But leave the tips the green shade. Try it out and Enjoy!!

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